Holy Shiznit! Nostalgia

I recently went down memory lane hard. I found my first website! It’s my first Geocities site. I learned how to code with this site, I learned linking and copyright respect and THIS is what started me down the path of learning digital art because I wanted to make my own adoptables. I didn’t want to have page with just a whole bunch of graphics, like some kind of virtual sticker book. I made kind of a Zork thing, and I’ve always loved choose your own adventure books so I did Tyl’drae. The faerie graphic I found for Kaywyne, the Guardian of Tyl’drae in this iteration, is beautiful, but it’s not Kaywyne, if you get my meaning so pardon that bit.

This site was the start of my path down the Dolling road. *sigh* Ok ok enough…link incoming…but be nice. I made this site around 1997-98 and then moved on to a different site, but left this one on Geocities until I forgot my password and couldn’t get back into it. I’m glad I did because it got archived, and I can reminisce about how I got to here, and how different my website looks now.

I’ve rambled again…nostalgia does that you know.

Onward to Tyl’drae!

Twitch update

Having a computer issue that is going to delay my first stream…which is okay since I haven’t told anyone when it was scheduled. Muhaha

YouTube Update

I’m just about confident enough with my very first “Klaytime” video…yeah I know, cheesy, but that’s me. Make sure to follow me on my social media for when it launches. Hey maybe I’ll send out clues or teasers…hmmm or have I already? muhahaha

Hello Again!

Yay me! I updated my website. This is Kaywyne’s Korner v4.9…get it? Anyway, I’m getting geared up again so please be patient with the process of getting everything relocated, uploaded, and unloaded to where it should be. Please have a look at my new Artwork gallery app. It does so much that I can’t wait to really dig in and describe stuff, talk about method behind my madness, and the like.