About Me

~*~ A Jack of All Trades & A Crafter of Some ~*~

Kaywyne is a name I have used since I first created it for my first D&D character oh so many geek eons ago. Across the virtual realm I've used it for characters in many of my favorite MMORPGs, console games, forum handles and more. There was no chance in Hades I wouldn't use it to sign my artwork...and Kaywyne's Kreations was born.

My in-real life avatar is a crafter of mixed media. I love knitting, sculpting, drawing and making us silly stories. Currently, I am developing my own character line entitled Hello Cthulhu which I'm basing on the world of H.P. Lovecraft, but in a toned-down, kid-friendly kind of way. Let's face it, I like to make things pretty in a swirling chaos of clay and ribbons and yarn, oh my.

In addition, I am a purveyor of handmade geekery. From comics to movies, from science to industry, and across the pop culture multiverse, I make custom geek items from jewelry to art dolls. I am very interested in taking a concept through all types of work from illustration to sculpture and beyond. So please take a moment to visit my Etsy site to see which piece I have available for purchase currently. If you don't see what you'd like, drop me a line about a custom creation of your very own.


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